MC 4315: Web Design and Publishing

Project 3: Organization Site

Learning Objectives


You will build a website for an organization of your choice using Wordpress, a content management system. You will conduct basic user research, draft early concepts of the site and design according to the organization's needs.


  1. Conduct your user research. Interview at least two people using the basic user research activity.
    • Worth 50 points
  2. Collect content: tell the organization's story in written, photo and video content.
  3. Sketch two drafts of the site you will design with particular attention payed to functionality. Draw on what you learned from the user research to guide your design.
  4. Create a subdomain and install Wordpress to your server.
  5. Design the site using Wordpress.
    • Site must have at least four pages.
    • Use a variety of widgets and plugins.
    • Tell the organization's story using the content you've created.
    • Design should draw on informatiom gathered from user research activity.


Project 3 is worth 250 points.