MC 4315: Web Design and Publishing

Project 2: Multimedia Journalism

Learning Objectives


This project will be an original multimedia journalism piece requiring you to conduct interviews, shoot photo and video and build a web journalism piece with Bootstrap.


  1. Conduct interviews with at least two different people.
  2. Shoot photo and video footage pertaining to your story
  3. Write the story and produce the content
    • 900-1200 words of written content, more if it's worth it.
    • One edited video (length depends on the story you choose. Some may require more video for effective storytelling, some may not)
    • At least five edited photos.
      • Three must be used in a slideshow or collage, two others may appear on their own somewhere in the story
  4. Create a subdomain with appropriate name on you server to host this project
  5. Sketch two or three versions of the site's visual design and functionality. Will it be a single page through which the user scrolls, or will content disperse across a few pages?
  6. Build the site using CSS framework Bootstrap
  7. Don't forget to add media queries to account for any additional styling needed beyond the standard Bootstrap responsive.
  8. Post a link to the project in #general on Slack using subdomain


Project 2 is worth 200 points.